Team Mount Everest

Team Mount Everest

While we didn't really know it at the time, Team Mount Everest was conceived in May 2002, when John and Rebecca Rees-Evans, a newly married husband and wife team, went on a kind of delayed honeymoon to Mount Everest.

While the couple fell in love with the place, the awesome, rugged beauty, and the ever-cheerful, warm, hospitable natures of the local people, it was not until many years later, following several years of operating treks on Mount Kilimanjaro, that Team Mount Everest was opened to non-family members to join!

The Rees-Evans family have long been obsessed with the mountains. Always enjoying doing things together as a family, by way of introducing their children to the family business, they have taken all three of their children, when aged just 5, 7 and 9, to 5,895m (19,342ft) at Kilimanjaro's summit, and have lived for nearly a week with a six year old at Everest Base Camp near the head of the Rongbuk Valley at 6,010m (19,718ft).

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